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AH-HA: a traditional saying from the woman nation as opposed to the more frequently mis-used by women (out here) AH-HO which is used by the man nation. Both mean, We are in agreement.

This site is about my agreement.


Harold and Marita My name is Marita.   My native name is Little wind with a series of verbs and nouns after it.   I have had many last names.   Each consisting of a life unto itself.  I am a “Half-Bread” (1/2 whitebread 1/2 frybread).   My heritage is of Norwegian (Mother) and Dakota (Father) descent.   (The relationship worked as long as it lasted.)   I was born and raised in the Black Forest of Germany.   My soul’s purpose belongs to the Apache Nation.   So much so, I married two of them, but not at the same time




This site is dedicated to the memory of our Ancestors and:

Ernie Rainbow
Indio Salazar
Martin High Bear
Henry L. Tyler

Who all stood in for my father Richard who left for spirit world a time ago. Special thanks and smiles go to Celo BlackCrow who shows up when I need him most to kick up the dross and the dust.


Full of mischief and play
Despite their different days
In time.

The rhythm of the songs
Their feet that dance in rhyme
On that other side of reality.

I miss them
Those that were here
Who took my hand
Through sacred lands
Who shared the fears in their hearts
And the scars in their tears.

Through it all
The rise and the fall
To rise again like the sun
That ride of grace
How honored we are they shared the taste
Of freedom.

I miss them.
Those who are now gone
Not to be touched
Not to be seen
But only in vision or dream.

In looking back at my caustic youth
I cringe at my foolishness
My uncouth
But smile with joy at the memories
Of their patience and forbearance with me.

I miss them
The Hunkpapa (Sioux to you)
The Seneca, that Arapahoe
And those of the N’De who stood by me,
Gently guiding or fiercely bribing
To get me back on line with the mystery.

So, I’m older now
Wishing I knew how to listen better-longer back when.
I know naught now what I knew then.

If wishes were like butterflies, we all would be aflutter.
I am but one son’s mother.
Walking through this time in space
Knowing my purpose, knowing my place.
But some days my smile hides away and I really miss them
And they are gone
Until I call them.
My extended spirit family.

calling the ancestors

A Whiter Shade of Pale

My heartfelt gratitude to those of the Woman Nation whose applied examples have taught me to be strong enough to enjoy these lives. I have been so blessed to have loved and been loved by you all!

Indigenous peoples all over the world have a secure spiritual base. It’s being allowed to freely access that base that creates difficulties. Though the languages and cultural aspects vary by geographical location, there is a common thread that binds us all. A deep love and respect for that which created all things. We have witnessed many wonders and miracles on our walks with proper applications of our teachings and on special occasions we come together to learn and to share. We laugh, we love, we live, the best we can.

We live out here surrounded. There are many of us out here as a result of attempted acculturation. We are still indigenous. We are still tribal. We are still here. We still carry that which our ancestors gave their lives for us to carry. When I was approached to do a website, everyone around me had some unique and different ideas. They were having all these wonderful ideas while I went about learning how to use this most challenging medium. I went for the one I know. The one I’ve lived. For those of you “out there”, the names have been changed to protect the guilty and we are all guilty of something. Poetic liberties will be taken because, after all, living is a full time job. The stories will be updated as soon as I get a commercial break for the next saga. Those of you who recognize yourselves or one another know me well enough to deal. For those of you who do not, that’s ok by me. I have a friend we call “the Surfing Sioux,” his genetic coding is a mixture of Potawatomi as well as Santee. His silver hair comes with silver tongue. “Every one has a story, who really gives a “s…t?” This response was directed at a Lakota author who was going to write an autobiography. I really wanted to meet this author too. I would like to ask some serious questions about his story. Oh well, someday when they are speaking again I might get the opportunity. I want to know. I want to hear. I will listen. For those of you who want to do the same, welcome and enjoy.

Back to my agreement...In the ways of the original inhabitants one of the highly respected attributes is giving. Many ceremonies begin or end or are about giving. A Give-Away is great fun!! My whole life has been one big ceremony. Those that have walked with me on many of my adventures have been witness to that aspect of my beingness and those most interesting entities that come with me. My life has been filled with wonder, joy, magic and medicine. My inner drive has always been to connect those I meet with the same for them. Sometimes there is success, sometimes not. It’s the experiences that are the stories. I make no claims that I am something other than who I am. Me. I have been blessed with the good fortune to enjoy myself. With that enjoyment many doors have opened and fearless and foolish I have walked through them. The only thing holding me back from experiencing continuous happiness is human kind and it’s various ailments of the body, mind and spirit. My spiritual practices are not for everyone, my mental practices are definitely not for everyone so that left me with the body.

When I was a child and up into young adulthood, my family had hopes that I would go into a medical/science type of field. Life happens and my education in healing was not initially destined to be in mainstream Non-Indigenous American society. However, it is interesting how one’s destiny guides you to where you are. My very first Medicine Feather came from the Owl People through a crusty, tough Apache man. That feather flew me right to where I needed to go, when I needed to despite my own opinions on the matter.

For the last eleven years I have been on a journey with Hospice. Hospice provides an alternative to continuous curing that ultimately has no guarantee. Its main premise is on palliative care versus potential curative care. I work with a team of folks who are dedicated to this modality. We provide care for the dying in the home, residential care facilities or assisted living facilities and try to insure that the human being is comfortable, physically, emotionally and spiritually on their last walk. I am so fortunate to serve humanity in this way. The interactions are real, honest and deep and have helped my individual growth so much with each person Creator has sent me to. I give thanks every day that I am able to do this work. In so many cultures death is feared, ignored, and definitely not a subject to be explored. Folks who were in the dying process were abandoned in sterile, hospital environments and suffered. Suffered with too much medicine, not enough medicine, or isolation from friends and family, etc. More and more folks are discovering the benefits that Hospice provides and the bridge resulting in the fact that various “Death Walkers” are not as feared as they once were.

In my explorations of the various ways of the bodies demise, I came across the revelation that toxicity of the blood and body fluids is related to many terminal illnesses. My wish was that there would be something to help all humankind to alleviate itself of toxins to provide the body with optimum health for living a happy life. Big wish. Well, I found something that does help. The wondrous thing about this experience is that it came from a man who had great courage. Courage to listen to the Creator. Courage to develop these products. Courage to share these products with everyone who wanted to try them. Courage to place an affordable price on these products to make them readily available to those who had need of them.

These products are all natural, non-invasive, work with the body, are actually of benefit to the environment and can be taken with or without supplements. They are cleansing products. There are many testimonials of folks who have tried these products after medical science could do no more for them that have had remarkable results. The minimum anyone has to do is take a bath with these products to reap the benefits. So simple. In today’s time bathing is a luxury for most folks. Bathing should become a necessity. Soaking in water with these products added to it leaches toxins right out of your system. You just lie there. I have bathed many hospice patients with these products and the results are amazing. What is amazing to me is that they can feel the difference and are able to attribute it to the product without me speaking of it beforehand.

I waited a long time before I began speaking about this to others outside my circle. I had to try it out on myself first. My personal illness and discomforts could not be helped by medical science and I was left to my own devices. As of this day, I’m symptom free of two major health irritations and I am diligently working on the last one. For me these products have literally been a lifesaver. I have more energy than I did when I was in my 30’s so that I am able to still go from person to person freely sharing these wondrous products.

I do not sell these products to those who are crossing over. I do bathe or lotion them with my own supply. They enjoy and we feel good in those moments. For those of you out there who have an interest there is much information on these products on the web. Go ahead and explore. For me it has become an amazing journey in and of itself. Creator is a Heyoka, (A clown, a contrary). All our collective prayers were answered with these products. All I had to do was take a bath. How about you?

The company for these products is based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. Everyone I have ever dealt with over the landline has been a delightful individual. Every question I have had, I have received quick answers to.

I would like to share these products with anyone who has the desire to try them. I encourage those who have benefited from them to sign up as a member. It’s only $18.00 to become a member, then you get the products at cost and the phone number for questions. For those of you who have totally toxin free bodies click on “AS THE TEEPEE TURNS…
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